Last updated 9/07/09


Welcome to my website. Creating art in colored pencil has become a true passion in my life. I love the process of creating it, and try to draw every day. I am a signature member of the CPSA (Colored Pencil Society of America) an organization dedicated to the promotion of colored pencil as a fine art medium.

Although time consuming, working with colored pencils is very

rewarding. For me it is like running a marathon. At the start of

each piece, I am jubilant and filled with optimism about creating

something which I find to be both very personal and exciting.

By the end, I have scrutinized my drawing surface so long, and have spent so much time inching toward the finish, that I wonder

if the final result will be worth the long journey. It always is.

Enjoy the art.

Jeff George CPSA


the art of colored pencil

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